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China’s Urbanization Seminar Held by CDI

The “China’s Urbanization Seminar”, jointly organized by (CDI), East Asia Research Center of Cornell University, and Shenzhen Soft Science Development Foundation, was held in Shenzhen On June 18. 20-plus experts and scholars from Cornell University and CDI, including Professor Fan Gang, President of CDI, and Robin McNeal, Director of East Asia Program from Cornell University, had in-depth discussions over issues of China’s urbanization.

There are two events which shock the world most in the 21st century: one being America’s high-tech, another being China’s urbanization drive. Over the past 20 years, China has witnessed millions of migrant workers leaving their hometowns to work in the city. Such an unprecedented scale of population flow draws worldwide attention from scholars both at home and abroad. In this context, the seminar was held to build a Sino-US dialogue platform to deal with challenges in the process of urbanization. Speakers gave presentations about metropolis growth, smart and low carbon cities, villages in urban areas, social governance etc., in the three sessions of “Urbanization in China”, “Urbanization and Environment” and “Urbanization and Society”.

(June 18,2016)