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CDI Annual Meeting 2016 Held in Beijing





CDI Annual Meeting 2016, co-hosted by Shenzhen Soft Science Development Foundation and China Development Institute, was held on May 7 in Beijing. It gathered 100-plus participants ranging from economic experts, government officials to business representatives under the theme of “ODI: Strategy, Mechanism and Challenges”.

It was the first time ever that Chinese outbound direct investment (ODI) has surpassed its foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2014. Its stock of ODI has exceeded one trillion dollars for the first time in 2015. It is a remarkable turning point because it implies that China has now become a net creditor. In recent years China has taken a series of strategic moves including the “Belt and Road” (“B&R”) imitative, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), yuan in the SDR, and free trade zones to carry out opening up.

In this context, CDI Annual Meeting 2016 themed on “ODI: Strategy, Mechanism and Challenges” was designed to discuss how to further expand China’s opening up to the world. Participants explored innovative mechanism and risk prevention systems for Chinese ODI. Mr. Xiang Huaicheng, Chair of the Board of CDI and former Minister of Finance, gave opening remarks. Speakers including economic experts from DRC, MOFCOM, NDRC, CASS and CDI, and enterprise representatives gave speeches on development history of Chinese ODI, development mechanism for the “B&R” initiative, and risk prevention for enterprises when they invest overseas.


(May 13,2016)