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Visiting Scholar

Position Description
CDI is seeking overseas visiting scholars who can support and extend our international cooperation research. During the visit, the candidates participate in research projects, introduce advanced research methodologies, and write for international newspapers and magazines. One research report and one academic lecture are required.

Candidates must have a doctoral degree and proven academic research success.
Candidates must possess the following abilities:
◆To conduct analytical research in policy-related areas;
◆To communicate clearly and effectively in English and Chinese (both orally and in writing);
◆To work effectively as a member of a multidisciplinary team
Candidates must have experience in the following area:
◆Working in international think tanks, research and consulting institutions, and organizations

Employment duration
3 months or 6 months

Positions open

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Special Note: CDI will reimburse the round trip ticket and provide accommodations and allowance during the stay.
Required submissions: CV in English and Chinese (a photo required), research proposal in English and Chinese, two letters of recommendation by scholars in relevant areas from China or abroad. Please note the preferred employment duration in the e-mail.
Email: wendyzhang@cdi.org.cn
Tel: 86-755-82470970
Address: CDI Mansion, Jinhu St.1, Yinhu Rd., Luohu District, 518029 Shenzhen, China

(March 24,2016)
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