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Business Development

01 “Going out” Strategy of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. with Support of CDB
02 12th Five Year Plan of Zhengzhou Metro Co., Ltd. , Henan Province
03 Cooperative Agreement of China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd.
04 Human Resource Diagnosis Project of Shenzhen Cadastral Surveying and Mapping Office
05 Study on IPO Project of Wuhan Natural Gas Co. Ltd.
06 Scheme of Optimizing Human Resources of the Shenzhen Real Estate Title Registration Center
07 Business Development Plan for Shenzhen Branch of CDB (2011-2015)
08 Implementation Plans for Global Supply Chain Management Center and the Qianhai Supply Chain Functional Units
09 Project of International Logistics and Supply Chain Headquarter
10 Development Plan for Shenzhen Agricultural Science Property Development Co., Ltd.
11 Strategy of Shenzhen Bao'an Investment Management Holdings Co., Ltd. (2012-2016)
12 12th Five Year Plan of Shentou Education Co., Ltd.
13 Development Plan of Pingshan New District Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd.
14 Development Strategy of Shenzhen Bao'an Foreign Economic Development Co., Ltd. (2012-2020)
15 Project of Qianhai International Rare Resources and Commodity Exchange in Shenzhen
16 12th Five Year Plan of Shenzhen Public Practice and Training Management Service Center for Skilled Workers