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Public Policy & Institutional Reform

01 Study on Transforming and Upgrading China's Processing Trade to Mid- and Hi-End of Industrial Value Chain
02 Study on Frictions in International Trade and Strategies Based on Analysis of Industrial Value Chain
03 Integration of Management System of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone
04 Study on the Public Service Supply by Social Organizations in Shenzhen
05 Planning for Shenzhen Social Management Innovation (2011-2015)
06 Study on Housing Projects for Talents and Related Policies for Beijiao Township, Guangdong Province
07 Action Plan for Shenzhen Government Work Performance Management and Revision of the Evaluation Index System (2012)
08 Evaluation on Shenzhen Government Work Performance (2011)
09 Performance Evaluation Index System of Guangming New District, Shenzhen
10 Measures on Developing and Supporting Social Organizations in Longgang District, Shenzhen
11 Survey on Tax Sources Composition of Shenzhen
12 12th Five-Year Plan for Building Corporate Credit System in Shenzhen 
13 Study on Improving Government Regulatory Mode for Shenzhen Public Transport Sector to Guarantee Public Transport Service During 26th Summer Universidad
14 Survey on Social, Historical, and Cultural Background of Xingsha Industrial Base, Changsha, Hunan Province
15 12th Five-Year Plan for Shenzhen Talent Development