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Feng Subao

Executive Vice Director, Academic Committee,
Director, Center for Strategy Research


Research Focus
Economic Development Strategy, International Strategy of China, International Economy, Economy in South China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Selected Publications
The Second Shock Wave: From the Southeast Financial Crisis to the Change of World Economic Situation, 1998;
Southeast Asia’s Financial Crisis: Theory and Policy Analysis, 1997;
Financial Crisis: A Perspective on Southeast Asia’s Financial Crisis, Executive Editor, 1997;
Opportunity and Strategy: Industrial Development between H.K and the Pearl River Delta Area, 1997;
Linkage between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Creating Mutual Prosperity, Vice Editing, 1996;
Sichuan Economic Geography, 1987;

Selected Projects
Development Strategy and Plan for Yantian Port
Project of Cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Suggestion on Certain Policies of Fastening the Construction of Yantian Port Duty-Free Zone
Administrative System of Shatoujiao Duty-Free Zone, Shenzhen
Report on Fulfilling the Strategy of Deng Xiao-ping’s Further Reform and Opening Up in Shenzhen

Email: fsb1539@126.com