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Guo Wanda

Executive Vice President



Research Focus
Low Carbon Economy, Macroeconomic, Industrial Policy Studies

Dr. Guo has abundant working experiences in university, government and large enterprise. As the Vice President of CDI, he is in charge of economic research & consulting projects, especially the study on government policy made for both central and local governments. In 2008, Dr. Guo was awarded the Cheveling Fellowship, funded by British government, and has been to Scotland for the program of “Low Carbon Economy”. In 2009, he organized a research team in CDI to study on Low Carbon Economy, especially on Low Carbon City.

Ph.D. in economics, Nankai University

Selected Publications
Low Carbon Urbanization: An New Orientation in China's Urbanization, China Opening Herald, 2010
Low Carbon Economy: the Opportunities and Challenges for China in the Next Four Decades, China Opening Herald, 2009
Perspective on the Development between Shenzhen & Hong Kong and the integration of the PRD Region, China Economy Publishing House, 2005
CEPA and Strategies for China Regional Economic Integration, China Opening Herald, 2004
Made in China: Word Factory Transferred to China, Jiangsu People’s Publishing House, 2003
Innovation & Learning: Industrial Cluster and Economic Growth, China Economy Publishing House,2003
World Manufacturing Center and the Formation of International Financial Center, China Opening Herald, 2003
China to be a “Dual World Factory: a security analysis of the Deltas of Pearl River and Yangtze River”, China Opening Herald, 2002
Changes of China’s Economy after WTO Entry”, Tianjin Economy, 2002
One Country with Four Seats: Free Trade Zone of the Four in WTO Framework, China Opening Herald, 2001